Read on to learn more about our current rooms and what you may encounter. We’ve added a few thoughts on difficulty and some of the skills you may want to start practicing! All games are $25.00/pp. Each Exodus lasts 60 minutes, and you should plan on a total stay of approx. 90 minutes. We look forward to welcoming you to Exodus London Escape Rooms! For our particularly determined players, if you aren’t successful on your first attempt, we have tissues on hand and we’ll let you try again for 1/2 price on your next visit!


Space Station Tiberia


Space Station Tiberia is a four-player interactive VR escape room now ready to play at Exodus Escape Rooms. You and your team put on the latest in VR technology and enter a derelict space station. Your job is to bring the space station back online and save the world.


Gemini - Rooms 1 & 2

Our first game. Classic puzzles, challenges and head-to-head fun!
This is how the first escape rooms were designed!

This room is so popular we had to create two of them- that’s right, you can challenge your group of friends and compete head to head against each other and the clock. This set-up also works well for our corporate guests who can share the experience and compare notes afterwards.


Den of Deceit

A Den full of secrets. Rumours of a family diamond.
Can you decipher Grandfather's stories to claim your inheritance?

You enter a room that reminds you of your grandfather’s study. It is full of items he loved, treasured collections and stories he wants to share. Everything looks to be in good order- just how you remember it. Once you realize something is out of place, you’ll be on your way.


Apartment 2250

Your first apartment. An awesome Craigslist ad.
But can you trust your new roommate?

The apartment isn’t all you hoped and your roommate has become a bit of an unstable person. Your friends and family are concerned for you, and together you’ve devised a way to get out- if only you can find all your belongings and avoid your roommies’ traps before he returns.



The 1900s. A missing Brewer. Historic Buildings.

Limited Time Only - June 1st to September 27th

Together with your fellow villagers you must find enough ransom money to pay the kidnappers and ensure the safe return of the master Brewer. You’ll journey through several historical locations from London’s history to solve the challenges and discover the money. With live character actors, authentic sets and a life on the line, this escape adventure is like no other we’ve created before!

This adventure takes place at Fanshawe Pioneer Village (Clarke Rd. E.) and will operate rain or shine! The adventure is designed for 12 people; tickets are sold individually and you will work with other rescuers to ensure success. Private bookings are available.



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