Read on to learn more about our current rooms and what you may encounter. We’ve added a few thoughts on difficulty and some of the skills you may want to start practicing! We will be opening additional rooms in 2015 to frustrate and challenge you. All games are $25.00/pp. Each Exodus lasts 60 minutes, and you should plan on a total stay of approx. 90 minutes. We look forward to welcoming you to Exodus London Escape Rooms! For our particularly determined players, if you aren’t successful on your first attempt, we have tissues on hand and we’ll let you try again for 1/2 price on your next visit!



Limited Run! June -Sept 30


In the early 1900s, a mysterious kidnapping occurred in London, ON. Having recently perfected a recipe for a new type of beer, the local brewmaster was taken during the night. The kidnappers have demanded a $200,000 ransom be paid for his safe return AND the recipe for the new beer be handed over. You and a few other townsfolk must gain entry to his brewery where there is enough money hidden to pay the kidnappers. But be careful, not everyone is interested in having him returned…

This adventure takes place at Fanshawe Pioneer Village (Clarke Rd. E.) and will operate rain or shine! The adventure is designed for 12 people; tickets are sold individually and you will work with other rescuers to ensure success!

This adventure is brand new and unique in London! Now go catch those scofflaws!




This Exodus offers a challenging environment to test your skills! With a variety of games, puzzles and clues to encounter, your escape from this room depends on your teamwork and communication skills. But be careful, not everything in this room is helpful to your escape! Time is always of the essence- especially in Gemini.

This room is so popular we had to create two of them- that’s right, you can challenge your group of friends and compete head to head against each other and the clock. This set-up also works well for our corporate guests who can share the experience and compare notes afterwards. Note: Both Gemini games are the same.

Your skills of observation, detail and creativity will help your escape and our difficulty rating for this game is 4/5. Perfect for those looking for a real challenge, a bit of frustration and many “ah-ha” moments. This Exodus can accommodate up to 8 people. Please note there is a minimum charge of 3 people for this game.




You enter a room that reminds you of your grandfather’s study. It is full of items he loved, treasured collections and stories he wants to share. Everything looks to be in good order- just how you remember it. Once you realize something is out of place, you’ll be on your way.

Nothing is quite what it seems in our den. You’ll have to apply all of your cunning to see past the deceit and find the true path forward. Working as a team is a good way to survive in the den, but don’t forget the clock is ticking.

This room is a lot of fun and offers a good challenge for determined players. The tasks in this room depend on your deduction, logic and reasoning and, our difficulty rating is 4.5/5 for this Exodus. This Exodus can accommodate up to 8 people. Please note there is a minimum charge of 3 people for this game.




This is the story of Abigail. Her short life on earth was not always a happy one and all of her time was spent in only three rooms. Your visit to Abigail’s Nursery will be one of intrigue and keen focus to decipher the clues she has left you so that she may finally rest at peace. Otherwise, you may all be trapped there forever!

The tasks in this Exodus are more interactive and activity based than our other games. You will need to carefully follow the information from clue to clue to gain access to the items you need to complete your escape.

We’ve given Abigail’s Nursery a difficulty rating of 3.5/5…because, well, she was ONLY 13…

Please note there is a minimum charge of 4 players for this game and a max occupancy of 10.




After scouring the city for your new apartment, you finally thought you found the perfect place. Only now, you’re not so sure. Things are not looking good!

The apartment isn’t all you hoped and your roommate has become a bit of a, um…an…unstable person. Your friends and family are concerned for you, and together you’ve devised a way to get out- if only you can find all your belongings and avoid your roommies’ traps before he returns.

This game is suited for teams of 3-8 players. We rate this game a difficulty of 3/5.



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