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Apartment 2250Den of DeceitSpace Station Tiberia



You only have 60 minutes. Can you escape in time?










APT 2250






  • We did a team building corporate party here and it was a huge success. Everyone had an awesome time, all the rooms were amazing and Tyler and his team were so easy to work with. I highly recommend!!
    Ashley Wagenaar

  • I’m a big fan of Exodus escape rooms! My team visited Exodus London to try their new VR games, and we absolutely loved it! The VR gear was comfortable and easy to use – very small learning curve. We were able to focus on the puzzles without any mechanical issues. The puzzles were moderately difficult. Teamwork and communication paid off in this game. The virtual environments were beautiful and very realistic. You quickly forget that you’re in an unadorned room in London, Ontario. We escaped just before the 30 minute time limit. I was worried about getting a headache, or dizzy, or claustrophobic, or too hot, but I was comfortable the entire time. Very friendly and helpful staff made our visit a 5-star experience. Highly recommended for escape room enthusiasts who are ready to take their game to the next level. Also recommended for newcomers to the game. You don’t need any previous experience with VR or escape rooms to play this game.
    Andrew Parr
  • Went to Exodus for my first escape room last night – it was AMAZING! Our game guide Christina was waiting for us as soon as we arrived, and she was so friendly and helpful! She made sure everyone understood everything before we went in – and was happy to re-explain anything that any of us didn’t fully understand. The room itself was very tricky – exactly what I hoped for! I love a challenge! I loved the puzzles – so many ‘ah-HA!’ moments! Solving every puzzle was such an accomplishment. And… WE ESCAPED!! Couldn’t recommend Exodus more! I will definitely be back.
    Siera Johnston
  • Absolutely over-the-top fantastic! Blew our expectations away!!! So thrilled to have taken part in the Virtual Reality Escape Room and can’t believe we have this kind of thing in London! Well done Exodus, we are arranging our next visit very soon!!!!
    Sarah Ruttan
  • I love Exodus! I’ve been twice now and had a great time both times. The puzzles are well thought out and executed and the staff is very helpful and accommodating! Go! You’ll be glad you did!
    Corrie Gavin


Our most common and general questions that we get asked daily are listed below. Please click any of the buttons to expand and see the content.

An Escape Room is a group activity that places your team inside a themed game room. Your job is to discover clues, solve puzzles and open locks that will eventually lead to your escape! You have 60 minutes to complete the challenge.

You can expect to be challenged and confused during your exodus. But rest assured there is no physical harm, danger or great physical exertion required. Exodus is not a scare house or meant to increase your therapy bills.

Games are $27.00 per person; your Exodus booking will be a ‘private booking’ for your group- we won’t be filling any remaining slots with other players, however, you can add players to your group when you arrive. Please note there is a minimum room charge per game.

Each game lasts for 60mins. However, you can expect your visit to be approx. 90mins. We require you to arrive 15mins early to take care of registration, payment and instructions as well as approx. 10mins of wrap-up and photos at the end.

All games are very challenging but people find them difficult for varying reasons. It really depends on the type of puzzles you enjoy and how your brain works.

We are open Tuesday – Sunday. We typically open at 2pm Tuesday-Thursday, 4pm Friday and 12pm Saturday & Sunday. However, our hours are based on booking times so we highly recommend pre-booking your visit, or calling us before heading down as our hours are subject to change.


Is it your birthday? Great- you play free, so plan to celebrate your special day with us! Book our private room to host your celebration and then begin your Exodus challenge. Our games are recommended for ages 10+ and we accommodate up to 45 people per hour! Our birthday package includes: use of our separate party room, decorations, pizza/pop, cake and all the supplies needed so you don't have to worry about anything! Click here to get started- we're here to help!



Think you and your friends are smarter than all the rest? Think you can work together to solve the puzzles and find the clues in time? There's nothing more satisfying for a group than completing your exodus...and nothing worse than failing- let the shaming begin! Our games are played with 2-8 players and best played with 4-6. Got a larger group? Not a problem. Book Rival's Revenge and play head-to-head to see who escapes with the most time left.