Looking for a unique field trip option that will truly excite your kids? Why not try taking them to play an escape room? A trip to Exodus can be applied to any subject area.

1. Healthy competition

When done in a healthy manner, competition can produce great results. It motivates kids to work together and be productive. Even better, we have a variety of competition styles. You can simply compete with time and try to escape, period. Or you can have teams compete against each other.


2. Apply skills to various subjects

Our rooms incorporate diverse puzzles. Your students will get to use their basic math and reading skills in a practical, real-world situation! Most importantly, they will need to think critically and logically, which applies to the full spectrum of curricula!

3. Unique Group-work

Ever heard a collective groan when you announce a group project? Well you won’t hear that here. Though group-work at school may seem like no fun at school, students jump at the chance to work together in our escape rooms.

Time and again we find that group play builds great teamwork. You’ll find your students acting in a way you’ve never seen before: delegating tasks, communicating clearly, and taking the work very seriously – sometimes too seriously!

4. Kinesthetic learning

Kinesthetic learners sometimes get the short stick in the school system. Escape rooms offer a type of immersive learning that lets your students be active by exploring the room and interacting with various objects. Even visual learners will find they can excel in a new way when they play our rooms.

5. Room for progression

The great thing about escape rooms is the variety they offer. Your classes can develop their escape skills over time by playing two different rooms during their trip. Or, you could always do multiple trips over the year.


6. Novel field trip idea

Field trip destinations become so repetitive that we have stereotypes. You go to the apple orchard in kindergarten, the science centre in grade seven, and the art museum in high school. Escape rooms break up that conventional pattern by offering a field trip idea the likes students have never seen before.

7. Great staff

Our staff are what make the atmosphere at Exodus so safe and welcoming. They work with youth on the daily and are also trained to provide your group with facilitation sessions if you so request it.

8. Optional add-ons

The experience doesn’t have to end when your hour is up! We also offer facilitation sessions where staff help your students reflect on their experiences in the rooms. Our program is designed to strengthen the link between what they learned here to their daily lives.

Another add-on we offer is a lunch meal. We can accommodate up to 48 players at a time. Have more students than that? Easy, we’ll just have one group in the rooms while the other eats, then swap them out!

9. Easy to arrange

This may be the best reason we’re a good escape room idea – because it’s easy to book! Just call our office and we can have you all set up within 10 minutes! Even when you arrive for your trip, you don’t have to worry about anything. Our staff are trained to facilitate the whole event, so you teachers can just sit back and relax.


Bonus tip!

At the end of the day, just make sure your field trip is better than any of these.

That should give you nine reasons to consider us when deciding where to take your class next. Group rates and packages available.

For more information, check out our group contact form! You can also contact us at info@exoduslondon.com. We also offer invoicing as a payment option.