Great news – we’ve launched a brand new escape room, and it’s one like you’ve never seen before. Depths of Osiris involves a deep sea adventure, sharks, and a helpful rubber ducky – what more could you ask for?

What’s the story?

You and your team are treasure hunters exploring the ancient ruins of Osiris, a sunken city. The lost Crown of Osiris is a priceless artifact that you must find before your oxygen tanks run out!

Not only is time your enemy, but there are also meddlesome crabs, booby traps, and faulty engineering to contend with.

How did we build this room?

You might be wondering how a room like this could have been built. Did we build an enormous aquarium and add a couple life guards to the staff? Are we taking you on a field trip to some body of water for an immersive experience?

Sounds pretty impossible, right? Not in virtual reality! A simple backpack and headset will immediately transport you to a fleshed-out virtual world. Not only do you get to experience a room like never before, but you are also immersed in a way that ordinary escape rooms cannot provide.

How hard is it?

The game is designed to be accessible to both novices and experts. Even if you have never done an escape room before, you can make considerable progress.

Those with more experience will not have it easy though, simply due to the uniqueness of puzzles that can only be designed and used with this technology.

It might be helpful to know what puzzles you do best with, when considering difficulty.  Depths of Osiris is unique in that its setting combined with the virtual reality technology allow you to experience many physics-based puzzles that would ordinarily be impossible to design.

If you want any practice, you can always play an online escape game.

Is it scary?

There are no intentional jump-scares in this game. However, don’t be surprised if you find a shark or two. They are usually calm and docile during the game.. usually.

At the end of the day, any perceived danger you face in the game is virtual and you can take your headset off at any point.

How much does it cost?

This new virtual reality experience runs for 30 minutes and a group of four can play for $25 per person.

Can I try a trial run?

Absolutely. If you come in for one of our other escape rooms, you can ask our staff for a five minute “sample” of this new virtual reality game. It’ll give you enough of a taste that will leave you wanting more.