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An Escape Room is a group activity that places your team inside a themed game room. Your job is to discover clues, solve puzzles and open locks that will eventually lead to your escape! You have 60 minutes to complete the challenge.

We currently have three games. They are very different in nature from each other.

The Den of Deceit is structured in a more linear fashion. You may have 1-2 clues to work on at a time, but won’t be able to proceed until you have solved those puzzles. The main skills for this game are deduction, reasoning and logic.

Rival’s Revenge is our newest head-to-head challenge! You’ve always had a friendly rivalry with the neighbouring school, but now they’ve gone too far and stolen your championship trophy. Can you sneak into the school and get it back before the coach is back from practice? Rival’s Revenge 1 and 2 are the exact same game which means you can challenge your friends and beat the game!

You never should have responded to that online roommate ad! Apartment 2250 is a game about escaping your sketchy roommate. Your family has become concerned about your well being and has told you to find three personal items and get out of there before he returns. This game uses observation, deductive reasoning and lateral thinking. This is an excellent game for new players.

We recommend Rival’s Revenge for larger groups as there is more to do as well as opportunities for people to contribute.

We have two identical Rival’s Revenge games. This allows us to accommodate up to 16 people at one time (in two game rooms). This actually makes a big difference after the game when everyone wants to talk about what they did- trust us!

In 2018 we introduced London’s FIRST virtual reality escape room experience! You’ll wear the latest in VR technology using wireless tracking to explore our 300 sqft game space! They are multi-player games and offer an amazingly immersive experience unlike any other! These games are approx 45 mins long and can accommodate up to 4 players at a time. Check it out here.

All of our games are very challenging but people find them difficult for varying reasons! It really depends on the type of puzzles you enjoy and how your brain processes information.

That being said, Apartment 2250 has the highest escape rate and a good balance of puzzle difficulty. The Den of Deceit is our trickiest game! Players will need to solve all the puzzles in proper order using higher degrees of logic and thought process. Rival’s Revenge is a well balanced room, great for new and experienced players While it still poses a good level of challenge, the puzzle types and styles make it accessible to a variety of players and ages.

Each game lasts for 60mins. However, you can expect your visit to be approx. 90mins. We require you to arrive 15mins early to take care of registration, payment and instructions as well as approx. 10mins of wrap-up and photos at the end.

Guests who are 12 years of age and older may play the games on their own. Those under 12 years require an adult to be in the game room with them. Our games are very fun, but challenging…Our games have interesting and fun puzzles for everyone to explore, but solving them takes some additional work and thought.

YES! We have a private area for your group to enjoy if you choose. Perfect for birthdays, meetings, socials or game night! This room can accommodate large groups and allow you to enjoy time to socialize or cater in a meal. The room can hold up to ~25 people at tables or 35 seated. The room rental costs $75.00 for the first hour but can be included in our group rates and packages.

Guests are able to play for free on their birthday, with a minimum group size of four (4) players. Let us know when you check in, have ID with you and we’ll apply the discount. Free entry is valid for one game only and is not available for half price games. We also offer a variety of promos throughout the year- keep an eye on our social media pages here: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Groups of 20 people or more qualify for discounts. Send us a message to discuss your details and we will put together a custom package for your visit.

Our address is 5-520 Wellington St. London, ON N6A 3R2. The location is downtown between City Hall and Centennial Hall (Across from Victoria Park) and located on the main level of the Centennial House Apartment building. We’re not immediately obvious from the street.

Street parking is available on Dufferin St (between Wellington and Waterloo), on Wellington Rd, and behind our building on Princess Ave. There is also underground parking below City Hall for $2.50 per 1/2hr.

Parking and Location

Our email address is: You can also find us on the web at (hint: you’re here now), on Facebook and Instagram.

Our phone number is 226-777-4141

We are open Wednesday – Sunday.

We are open at 5pm Wed-Friday and 2pm Sat and 12pm on Sun.

Playing with a group (12+)? Talk to us about arranging a custom date and time that suits you! Click here to complete a simple form to get started.

Our hours are based on booking times so we highly recommend pre-booking your visit, or calling us before heading down as our hours are subject to change…

Our games are very low risk and not meant to be dangerous or physically demanding. We provide a safety briefing before your game and ensure you are able to leave the room whenever you’d like.

We are not a haunted house or scary experience. There are no actors in our games or objects meant to be frightening.

All of our bookings begin online. When you book, a deposit equal to one player admission is collected at time of booking through PayPal. Everyone else can pay on-site when you arrive.

We accept Cash, Debit and Visa/Mastercard.

Once you have created a booking, you will receive a link in your email to modify/change your booking appointment and you may do so up to 24hours in advance. After this, your time is locked in. The deposit paid is non-refundable.

We are not licensed for alcohol. Our games are challenging enough and we highly suggest you have a clean and sober mind when you play!