Exodus is very proud to be the only escape room in London to offer pop-up escape rooms! These are fully portable, immersive games that we can move around to different locations. However, we find people are often unsure what to expect from a pop-up escape room, so read on to learn more!

Where can I find a pop-up escape room?

You can find us at all sorts of festivals, events and conferences! In the past year we’ve attended great events like: Ribfest, Pride Fest, Beer & BBQ, International Food Festival, Beatles Fest, and Western Fair to name just a few. We’ve also been to multiple school fairs, fundraisers and private events around the city!

Is it a full game or just a sample?

Our pop-up games generally run 10-15 minutes and are complete games themselves. We have a number of games that are all unique designs- The Backyard, The Classroom, Meltdown (nuclear reactor), Blastoff (space theme), Escape the Closet, and Escape the Fort. We’re always working on new games to entertain you!

Can we rent a pop-up escape room?

Absolutely! We typically offer half day or full day packages for private functions. When you rent our games, you can set your own prices for players and set the length of time they receive in the game. We’ll supply a trained staff member to ensure your day goes smoothly. Click here to request more information.

Virtual Reality

We can also bring our virtual reality experience to your event! Our system is fully wireless and up to 4 people can play together in the same game. Virtual Reality is the latest in gaming technology and offers an unbelievable player experience.