It seems that every day there are new services designed for team development. So what makes a team development escape room experience special? The short answer: they work. The long answer: the rest of this post.

Exodus takes team development seriously. We have taken steps to make sure your team gets the most out of their experience. As such, the following is what you can expect from the exclusive program that we offer.

Social Engagement

Meeting outside of the workplace immediately sets a precedent for unique social interactions between colleagues. In this environment everyone is on equal footing regardless of their position or department within the office.

Working toward a common goal unites the staff. We have also designed our rooms so that a dynamic team approach is required to escape. This ensures that all team members are fully engaged throughout the experience.


Digital communication has become an increasingly dominant way for staff to communicate. We often find ourselves directly communicating with each other less and less. At Exodus we have you pack all electronics away before entering any rooms.

Your team must communicate face-to-face under some fairly unique conditions. The multitude of voices and the abstract nature of puzzle-solving create a novel communication task for the entire team.

Feeling the Pressure

As your time begins to run out, the pressure rises. Most workplaces would agree that communicating under pressure is an important skill for their staff to have.

The team development escape room experience helps your staff build this skill by giving them an urgent task with little consequence. Everybody reacts to pressure differently. This is a time where colleagues can learn about how they each respond to such pressure.

Transferable Skills

Though team development is important, so is skill-building. The experience has been designed to mimic challenges that are often faced in the workplace.

Your team will receive brief instructions before entering the room, but the rest is up to them. Just like in the office, it will be up to you and your colleagues to decide where to start, how to delegate tasks, and how to go about the task.

Imperfect information is another vital part of the experience. There are clues throughout our rooms that will lead you to the next steps of the game, but they are not always clear. Our clues can be interpreted a number of ways, but it is up to your team to figure out which way is correct.

Options Galore

Every office is different, that is why we allow you to customize your team development escape room experience.

You can choose to have your staff compete by playing in the two separate but identical Gemini Rooms or place staff in particular rooms based on difficulty levels.

We always recommend the option of a post-game team development facilitation. This package add-on includes a variety of reflection-based activities that have been shown to make the experience exponentially more effective.

Exodus is quite flexible about operating hours too, giving you the chance to choose an optimal time to come in. You can also rent out our meeting room for catered meals or team meetings.

Exodus Escape Rooms understands the importance of team development. Contact us to learn more about the team development escape room experience.