Welcome to Exodus Canada’s first blog! After three exciting years in the escape room business, and a lot of new developments, we wanted a place for everyone to stay up to date and engage with us a bit more regularly. For the first blog, we thought it would be fitting to tell you all about our latest development: virtual reality escape rooms.

Not only is this an exciting first for Exodus, but it’s a first for the entire city! Nowhere else can you find virtual reality escape rooms in London.

But being the first means we have a lot of explaining to do. As virtual reality (VR) technology is just beginning to go mainstream, many people have never had the chance to try VR, let alone VR escape rooms.

To help you understand just why we’re so excited to begin offering this experience, we’ve compiled a list of answers to some of the most common questions we’ve received regarding VR escape rooms.


1. What is virtual reality?

Virtual reality is an experience, first and foremost. You wear different devices that allow you to experience entertainment from within any given world. At Exodus, you will be using a set of handsets to act as your hands, these will let you interact with the environment, pick up objects, and complete different puzzles.

You will then wear a headset connected to a backpack you wear. Through this headset you can see and hear the environment, completely immersing you in the game.

In the case of virtual reality escape rooms, you are still completing an escape room as usual. We use the technology to transport you into an escape room so fantastical that it would be impossible to design normally.

For a sci-fi take on virtual reality, check out this trailer for the upcoming movie, Ready Player One.


2. How will virtual reality escape rooms compare to an ordinary escape room?

VR escape rooms will follow the same format as other escape rooms. You will be solving a series of puzzles within an allotted period of time in order to accomplish a main objective. You will still be in a physical room with the rest of your team, but what you see will not reflect the actual room.

Rather, you will be seeing and interacting with the VR world. In this case, you will be exploring the Space Station Tiberia with the goal of preventing an asteroid from colliding with Earth. You will even be able to see where your team members are, as their astronaut helmets and space gloves will be shown in the VR world.

3. Are there different rules for virtual reality escape rooms?

Due to the increased cost and complex mechanics of VR technology, there are a few different restrictions for VR escape rooms than ordinary escape rooms.

First, it is our only game where two players can comfortably play alone. However, the maximum number of players per team is four.

The time limit is also different. You have 30 minutes to complete the puzzle, so you better be practicing your code-breaking skills!


Unfortunately, players must be 14 years of age or older in order to play the VR escape room. But that gives your children time to train with the regular escape rooms. They’ll be more than ready to take on VR rooms easily when they’re old enough!

Now it’s one thing to read about VR technology, but it’s quite another to experience it. If you want to become a master of virtual reality escape rooms, you might as well book Space Station Tiberia now.